950 Wundaweb Easy Hemming Extra Strong 20mm x 3m



Wundaweb Easy Hemming Extra Strong

Extra strong hemming web with double strength adhesive.  For heavier fabrics and areas that need an extra strong bond.  Suitable for hems on jeans, workwear, combat and canvas fabrics, soft furnishings and craft applications and applying trims.  Washable and dry cleanable.

12 cards per box. 20mm x 3m Card.



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The 950 Wundaweb Easy Hemming offers a quick and durable solution for hemming tasks.

Measuring 20mm x 3m, it provides ample length for various fabric adjustments.

This extra strong hemming tape ensures a reliable bond that withstands regular use and washing.

Perfect for on-the-go fixes and creative sewing projects, it streamlines your hemming process with ease.

Elevate your sewing experience with this convenient and robust hemming solution.