Chalk Markers – Reversible Tip 8pcs

Chalk Markers – Reversible Tip

3mm Straight

1-3mm Chisel


Nova – Colour in Motion

For use on glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, chalkboard and non-porous surfaces.

Water-based, easy clean, non-toxic.


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Elevate your creativity with the Chalk Markers – Reversible Tip set of 8.

These markers feature a versatile reversible tip, allowing for both fine and bold lines.

Perfect for a range of surfaces such as chalkboards, glass, labels, and more, these markers offer vibrant and vivid pigments.

Whether for professional signage, artistic projects, or personal crafts, these markers deliver eye-catching results.

Unleash your imagination with the Chalk Markers – Reversible Tip 8pcs set, an essential tool for adding flair and charm to any creative endeavor.