Gütermann Sewing Thread – Denim Set

Gütermann Sewing Thread

Denim Set

6 Bobbins

The jeans thread from Gütermann creativ lets everybody be as creative and stylish as the professionals.

The strong thread is easy to use and secure, with low thread tension.

Thanks to it’s breaking strength, high resistance to scrubbing and colour fastness it is ideal for fashion and basics.


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Enhance your sewing projects with the Gütermann Sewing Thread – Denim Set.

This set features a curated collection of thread colors perfectly suited for denim fabric.

Crafted by Gütermann, a renowned brand, these threads offer exceptional quality and durability, ensuring secure stitching on your denim creations.

Whether you’re sewing jeans, jackets, or other denim garments, this set provides a versatile palette to match your designs.

Elevate your sewing experience with the Gütermann Sewing Thread – Denim Set, a must-have for achieving professional-looking denim projects.