H640 Vlieseline Volume Fleece Thick White


Volume Fleece Thick White Iron-On

Description and Benefits


Heavy-weight, soft iron-on batting made of synthetic fibres.

40% R-PES, 60% PES.  90cm x 30m.  131 g/m².


For topstitching and quilting, for three-dimensional work such as voluminous bows or borders, and warm clothing such as jackets and coats. Suitable for light- to medium-weight fabrics.

Product benefits:

Thickest iron-on volume fleece

Easy to work with

No shifting while sewing


Payment Methods:


The H640 Vlieseline Volume Fleece in Thick White offers a substantial boost to your sewing creations.

This volume fleece adds impressive thickness and dimension to fabrics, elevating their visual and tactile appeal.

Designed for ease of use, it’s simple to apply and guarantees enduring results.

Perfect for crafting garments, accessories, and home decor items, it lends a luxurious touch to your projects.

Elevate your designs with the H640 Vlieseline Volume Fleece’s ability to provide remarkable thickness and texture.