SVL-F Style-Vil Fix 72cm x 15m Fusible


Style-Vil Fix Fusible (one side).

72cm x 15m

For creative needlework with three-dimensional effects; for the padding of protective pouches for mobile phones

and glasses as well as for the stabilisation of bags, garments (e.g. shoulder pads), caps, hats, etc.

Suitable for all fabrics.

Press on the iron step by step for about 12 seconds, using a dampcloth. Do not push.

Smooth, foamed lightweight fabric for sew-in application.

Combines excellent stabilisation and cushioning with a very soft hand feel.

Vlieseline (Formerly known as Vilene)


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The SVL-F Style-Vil Fix 72cm x 15m Fusible combines versatility and convenience for your crafting needs.

This product offers a flexible foam interfacing that seamlessly combines support and ease of use. Measuring 72cm x 15m, it provides ample material for various projects.

The fusible feature ensures quick and reliable bonding between fabrics. Elevate your crafts, accessories, and garments with the dependable performance of SVL-F Style-Vil Fix’s high-quality fusible foam interfacing.

Perfect for both seasoned crafters and sewing enthusiasts, this product streamlines your creative process and enhances your final pieces.