VELCRO® Sew & Stick Tape 20mm x 10 Metres

Sew & Stick Tape

20mm x 10 Metres

VELCRO® Brand fastener

Hook and loop fastener

Self adhesive hook and sew on loop is ideal for creating pelmets, upholstery and craft projects.

The hook attaches to a hard surface and the loop is sewn to fabric, allowing fabric to be easily removed and laundered.

The loop strip can be used for sewing by hand or machine.

Black or white

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.



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The VELCRO® Sew & Stick Tape, measuring 20mm in width and extending 10 meters in length, is a versatile and convenient solution for both sewing and sticking needs.

This dual-function tape offers the reliability of traditional VELCRO® fastening, providing a secure grip when mated.

Its adhesive backing ensures easy application to various surfaces, while the option to sew it in place adds extra durability.

Whether used for crafting, home projects, or apparel customization, this tape offers a seamless blend of adhesive convenience and sewing resilience in one package.