DV1 Vlieseline Decovil 1 Interlining 90cm



Decovil 1 Beige Interlining

Decovil I is a fusible non-woven with leather-like handle, produced on the basis of a special technology, which is ideally suited for the creation of hats, belts, bags and small fabric bowls but also, of course, for interior decoration.  Fabric: Decorative fabrics, cotton, synthetics, etc.  Advantages: Dimensionally stable, resilient, extremely tear resistant, non-fraying, resistant to bending, to be sewn well.

  • Lay the interlining with the coated side facing the reverse side of the fabric.
  • Cover with a damp cloth and iron for around 6 seconds, section by section.
  • Do not push the iron. After fixing, lay the pieces down flat to cool down for around 30 minutes to allow the bond to stabilise.

Care: Washable up to 30° in the gentle cycle or dry cleanable.

90cm x 15m


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The DV1 Vlieseline Decovil 1 Interlining, measuring 90cm, redefines fabric stability.

This versatile interlining provides both reinforcement and flexibility for various projects.

Its superior bonding strength ensures durability and a polished finish.

Ideal for bags, belts, and creative crafts, it offers structure without sacrificing movement.

Elevate your creations with the DV1 Vlieseline Decovil 1 Interlining’s exceptional quality and easy application.