Fuse and Fold Waist-Shaper/Bundfix Charcoal 80mm

Fuse and Fold Waist-Shaper/Bundfix


80mm (10-30-30-10mm)

50 metre roll

Waistband interlining for 3cm-wide skirt or trousers waistbands. 60% PES, 40% ZS.


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The Fuse and Fold Waist-Shaper/Bundfix in Charcoal, with a width of 80mm, revolutionizes waistband construction.

This versatile product seamlessly combines fusing and folding capabilities, resulting in a sophisticated finish.

Crafted for efficiency, it simplifies the process of shaping and reinforcing waistbands.

Whether for garments or sewing projects, it adds stability and a refined touch.

Elevate your creations with the Fuse and Fold Waist-Shaper/Bundfix’s innovative design and reliable performance, now available in Charcoal.