VELCRO® Sew On Bulk Roll 16mm x 25m

Sew On Bulk Roll

16mm x 25m

VELCRO® Brand fastener.

Black or white.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA.

Used with permission.



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The VELCRO® Sew On Bulk Roll, sized at 16mm in width and extending 25 meters, offers a versatile and economical fastening solution for various applications.

Designed to be sewn onto fabrics, this tape provides a durable bond when stitched securely.

This generous bulk roll is perfect for larger projects such as clothing production, upholstery, and more.

The trusted VELCRO® brand ensures quality and reliability, making it an essential addition to any sewing toolkit.

Elevate your sewing projects with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this high-quality sew-on tape bulk roll.