VELCRO® Stick On Tape 20mm x 10m

VELCRO® Stick On Tape

20mm x 10 Metre

Cut to size for 1000s of home decorating, DIY and office projects.

Easy to use, simply press to close, peel to open.

Ideal for keeping lightweight items safe, tidy and secure until they are required.

Mount small tools, notice boards, access panels, small electrical appliances, games and much more.

VELCRO® Brand fastener.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.



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The VELCRO® Stick On Tape, measuring 20mm in width and spanning 10 meters, offers a convenient and efficient fastening solution for various applications.

With its adhesive backing, this tape easily adheres to surfaces for quick and secure bonding.

Perfect for both home and crafting projects, it provides a reliable hold without the need for sewing.

The VELCRO® brand guarantees quality and durability, ensuring that your creations stay firmly in place.

Elevate your projects with this versatile and easy-to-use stick-on tape.