VELCRO® Sew On Tape 50mm x 10m

Sew On Tape Hook & Loop Fastener

50mm x 10m

Simply peel to open, press to close. Can be machine or hand sown.

Ideal for use on garments for young children.

Use all around the home on soft furnishings, dressmaking, craft projects and much more.

VELCRO® Brand fastener.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA.

Used with permission.



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The VELCRO® Sew On Tape, sized at 50mm in width and extending 10 meters in length, offers a dependable and adaptable fastening solution for various applications.

Designed to be stitched onto fabrics, this tape ensures a strong bond when securely sewn.

Its wide profile makes it ideal for larger projects like heavy-duty garments, home decor, and crafting endeavors.

With user-friendly attachment and the trusted VELCRO® brand name, this sew-on tape adds a durable touch to your creations.

Elevate your sewing projects with the reliability and versatility of this high-quality tape.